Safer Internet Day (9 February)

Safer Internet Day (SID) is celebrated every year in February. It is observed in over 170 countries. This year (2021), Safer Internet Day will be observed on Tuesday, 9th February.

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SID is celebrated to bring people together under the umbrella of safe and better internet usage. The day is observed to raise awareness among people- especially children and young people, about online issues such as cyberbullying and online fraud.

There are more than 100 global Safer Internet Day Committees whose primary aim is to conduct nationwide child online protection awareness campaigns in the countries where SID is observed. They help to identify illegal child abuse content on the internet by raising awareness-raising programmes among various age groups of children, parents and educators and also assist in attaining justice for victims.

When was the first Safer Internet Day observed?

This event was first observed in Europe in 2004 by the European network of Safer Internet Centers. But in 2009, the notion of SID Committees was introduced outside Europe to build up bonds with other countries and invest in SID campaign across the globe.

Theme for Safer Internet Day

The theme for the Safer Internet Day 2021 is “Together for a better internet“.

Importance of Internet Safety

Everyone using the internet are at the risk of cyberbullying, inappropriate content, data sharing, spyware, viruses and online fraud. The increase in the victims of cyberbullying and online cheating shows the importance of safer internet.

The rise of the internet gives rise to many online services available at one click and with the rise of online services, online scams are also increasing. Online scams and cyberbullying can have a negative impact on mental and psychological health and it can even sometimes cause suicidal tendencies in the victim. Hence, internet safety is a major challenge for everyone.

How to use internet safely?

As we now know, internet safety is a big concern and it needs everyone’s attention. We must know how to keep our data and ourselves safe while accessing the internet. These are a few tips to use the internet safely-

  • Avoid creating new accounts on the internet unless absolutely important and deactivate the accounts you don’t need.
  • Go through the privacy settings of your social media accounts to limit who can see your personal information.
  • Don’t fall for clickbait. Always ignore any link shared by an unknown person.
  • Avoid any kind of conversation with an unknown person.
  • Never share your bank details with anyone online.
  • Use a unique and strong password by using a combination of numbers, words, upper and lowercase letters and special characters.
  • Check your email regularly to block suspicious login attempts.
  • If you’re a cyberbullying victim, the most important thing to do is to block the person and talk to an adult you trust.
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Quotes and Awareness Messages for Cybersecurity

  • If you spend more on coffee than on cybersecurity, you will be hacked.
  • Cybercrime damages are predicted to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015.
  • For every lock, there is someone out there trying to pick it or break in.
  • Technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one.
  • “It is my belief that industry and government around the world should work even more closely to protect the privacy and security of Internet users, and promote the exchange of ideas, while respecting legitimate government considerations.” -Bill Gates
  • Social media offers important business advantages to companies and organizations, but also has security risks.
  • 92% of malware is delivered by email.
  • Everybody should want to make sure that we have the cyber tools necessary to investigate cyber crimes, and to be prepared to defend against them and to bring people to justice who commit it.
  • Try to be a good friend rather than becoming a bully.
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Internet is a great way to gain knowledge, do the shopping and connect with people, but there are security risks too. Being aware about cybersecurity, you can protect yourself and enjoy safe and better internet.


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