National Voters Day (25 January) Quotes and Theme

national voters day

Why and When is National Voters Day (NVD) celebrated?

National Voters Day is celebrated on 25th January every year in India (since 2011) by the Government of India to encourage new and young voters to take part in electoral rolls.

National voters Day is celebrated on 25th January because this day is the foundation day of Election Commission of India. Election Commission of India and the Indian Government has taken many steps to enrols the young voters to take part in the political process.

Theme of National Voters Day

The theme of the National Voters Day is- “Electoral Literacy for Stronger Democracy

Quotes, Slogans, Wishes and Awareness Messages for Voters Day

Your one vote has the power
to bring change in India.
You should use your vote
wisely to exercise your right to vote
to strengthen our vibrant democracy.

Leadership is not about the next election,
it’s about the next generation.

On this National Voters Day,
let’s take a pledge to uphold the democratic
traditions of our country and
the dignity of free, fair and
peaceful elections, and to vote in
every election fearlessly and without
being influenced by consideration
of religion, race, caste, community,
language or any inducement.

national voters day

Every election is determined
by the people who show up.

Most people don’t realise
the power of one vote.
Your vote has the power to elect
people who create lasting change.

Bad politicians are elected by
good people who don’t vote.

The most common way people give
up their “POWER” is by thinking
they don’t have any.

If you don’t cast your vote,
you lose the right to complain.

If you can cast vote,
then I think you do so because
you might not know how your
vote affect the lives of those
who don’t enjoy this same right.

राष्ट्रीय मतदाता दिवस – National Voters Day slogans in Hindi

वोट जरूरी हमारा,
ये संवारे कल हमारा।
न कोई छोटा न बड़ा,
मतदान गर्व है हमारा।

जन जन की पुकार है,
वोट देना अधिकार है।
जन जन को चेताना है,
मतदाता को जगाना है।

जिन्दा रहो चाहे जान जाए,
वोट उसी को दो जो काम आये।
सब लोगों की यही पुकार,
वोट देना है हमारा अधिकार।।

Why I Vote?

I vote because democracy depends on it.
I vote to ensure that my voice
is heard on issues such as
climate change, racial justice, health care,
better education and equality.
I vote because it matters.

I vote because I care about legal rights
and social justice for all people.

I vote because no one knows our
communities better than ourselves.
It is my responsibilty and
it’s the right thing to do –
to help elect people to make
policies and change policies
to help people like myself.

I vote because it’s the best way
to effect change.

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