National Tourism Day (25 January) Quotes and Themes

national tourism day

Why National Tourism Day is celebrated?

National Tourism Day is observed on 25th January every year in India. This event has been established by the government of India to increase awareness among people about the significance of tourism in the country’s economy and to boost our traditions about tourism.

India is rich in offering tourism in diverse forms such as educational, sports, business, cultural, nature, heritage, rural and many more. This also helps to promote job creation in tourism outside the big cities in India.

The theme of National Tourism Day

The theme of the National Tourism Day is- “Tourism and Rural Development.

Quotes and Significance for National Tourism Day

Experience the rich beauty,
diversity and warmth at its pristine beaches,
spiritual temple towns, amazing wildlife
sanctuaries and exceptional monuments.
A truly Incredible India!

A journey of a thousand miles
must begin with a single step.

I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to
and people I’ve never met.

Live Life With No Excuses.
Travel With No Regret.

Climb the mountain,
not so the world can see you,
but so you can see the world.

Investment in travel is
investment in yourself.

To Move, To Breathe,
To Fly, To Float;
To Gain All While You Give.
To Roam The Roads
Of Lands Remote,
To Travel Is To Live.

The beauty of nature will leave you
speechless once you start travelling.
But it will make you a storyteller
once you finish travelling.

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Travel is more than the seeing of sights;
it is a change that goes on.
Deep and permanent,
in the ideas of living.

The use of travelling is to regulate
imagination with reality, and instead
of thinking of how things may be,
see them as they are.

Life is a magical journey,
so travel endlessly to unfold its
profound and heart-touching beauty.

Travel doesn’t essentially mean you go miles away,
There’s a lot to explore close by.

Tourism can do a great deal of good in
destinations-whether it is by bringing economic benefits
to local communities; helping with conservation efforts
or in placing a value on aspects of cultural heritage.
As “responsible travellers” we must all try to do
more of the good and less of the negative.

Facts About Tourism in India

According to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019, India improved its ranking by 6 places over the 2017 report and scored 34th rank out of 140 countries overall.

Tourism in India generated 240 billion US$, which is 9.2% of India’s GDP in 2018 and supported more than 42 million jobs, which is 8.1% of India’s employment.
Read more Facts about Tourism in India.

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