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John Wick is a fictional character from the movie series- John Wick. This is one of the most successful action crime movies. The role of the assassin John Wick has been played by one of the most brilliant actors- Keanu Reeves. The badass attitude of John Wick is loved and appreciated across the globe. Check out our collection of the best “Attitude Like John Wick” status, or Keanu Reeves quotes especially for WhatsApp Status, Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories.

"Attitude like John Wick" - Attitude Status in English

Rule No. 1
F*ck What They Think.

I suffer from that disorder 
where I speak the truth 
and it pishes people off.

Your Lack of dedication is the 
insult of those who believe in you.

When someone is bringing out 
the worst side in you; 
Know that it’s the time to 
leave that someone, 
not yourself.

I don’t respect those who don’t respect me. 
You can call it EGO, 

If you kick me when I’m down
You better pray I don’t get back up.

John Wick Status

When you stop talking to me
Stop talking about me too…

You don’t have to be great to start
but you have to start to be great.

He who wants to do good knocks at the gate,
He who loves finds the gate open.


SCARS speak the language of PAIN.

John Wick Attitude status

In school, you’re taught a lesson
and then given a test.
In life, you’re given a test
that teaches you a lesson.

Nobody hustles harder than someone
who hates asking people for shit.

Where you start doesn’t matter,
Where you finish matters.

Hide your emotions
because no one cares you.

Only the pain can shapes you

John Wick attitude status for WhatsApp

Going to win
not immediately
but definitely

Don’t watch the clock
do what it does.
Keep Going.

I do not remember days,
I remember moments.

One bad chapter doesn’t mean 
your story is over.

Hurt in private
Heal in silence.

Keanu Reeves WhatsApp attitude status

Two things define you-
Your PATIENCE when you have NOTHING and
Your ATTITUDE when you have EVERYTHING.

Don’t change the goals
Change the strategy.

I never forget those
who stand by me
and against me.

Every teacher was once a student.
Every master was once a beginner.
Every winner was once a loser.

Before you judge me
Make sure that you’re perfect.

Do not let your loneliness
make you reconnect with toxic people.
You should not drink poison
just because you are thirsty.

Every morning you have two choices:
Sleep with your dreams
Wake up and chase them.

I am my own God.
If I want anything, I ask myself.

You ignored the softness of my heart.
Ok then,
Get ready to believe on my mean behavior.

No one is perfect.
That’s why pencils have erasers.

A king isn’t born.
He is made.

Your best teacher is your last mistake.

If you don’t like me,
Take a map,
Get a car,
Drive to hell.
Have a nice trip!

The things you hide in your heart
Eats you alive.

You are the artist of your own life.
Don’t hand the paintbrush to anyone else.

Never tell anyone what you are doing
Until it’s done.

Delete the old version of me in your head.
It expired.

Don’t blame the distraction,
Improve your FOCUS.

Kill the dead in me.
Before I turn Demon.


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